Nightmares with Malice Cooper – John Taglieri 09-21-15

LIVE on air 5pm CST – Nightmares with Malice Cooper World Wide Cindycated Radio Show!!!! TODAY’S SHOW GUEST John Taglieri at top of 2nd hour. Music all the way around, upside down, sideways and back. Join the Nightmare!!! It’s Monday, so expect the unexpected. Yes, insanity will be had by all. Message me if you’d like 1/2 hour show time.


About Malice Cooper

Nightmares with Malice Cooper is a syndicated radio show. I play music from all genre's, as I feel its not my opinion that matters. I believe that people should choose to listen to what they like, and you can decide if you like a song or not, if you've never been given a choice. I'm about choices. My interviews are bands/authors/actors/actresses/paranormal investigators/UFOlogists/Cryptozoologists and are usually very informative, and funny. My show is a musical cornucopia of mass distraction, so Rock out with the Queen of your Nightmares Malice Cooper.
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