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First things first
Welcome to Mangled Music Radio.
We play metal.

These are the requirements for getting on our Auto-DJ:

1. Must be metal.

If the band you are representing is more of the rock variety (while I’m sure they are very good) we will have to pass. You can however contact one of our DJs from the schedule page and maybe set something up.

2. You must link back to us.

This is the deal-breaker. We both put too much energy into the process of promoting ourselves. There’s been too many long ass forms with wordy lectures that you have to read through just to fill out…. Anyways, I’m sure you know what I’m saying. There’s no way for your fans to know we exist if you don’t tell them, and that recognition is crucial for a service like ours to survive. With all the Pandoras and Spotifies out there it’s hard for both you and us to get noticed.

All we ask is that you put our link on your website. This obviously requires you to have a website (there are many free ones btw – may I suggest However, if you don’t have a website and still feel your music will be served well here then contact me on our facebook page. There’s no rules for how you have to show our link – it can be just the link or you can use the image at the bottom of this form.

We will obviously do the same – our articles and posts are archived. :D

3. We prefer physical copies but mp3s are fine.

The music you will be submitting is for our Auto-DJ only. That is what is playing when there are no live dj’s and it plays roughly 80-85% of the time.

Your music will be put in a random rotation so I will NOT know when it’s going to play, so please, don’t ask when you can expect it to air. I will contact you with the information you’ve given below to let you know that I’ve uploaded the track(s) into our database and to give you a link-back image.2

We good? 
Carry on then, and, once again, Welcome to Mangled Music Radio.


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Band Info
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There are several ways to get your music to us. While we prefer a physical copy, you can give us direct download links or upload them in an attachment.

For physical copies send to:

Mangled Music Radio
11677 Creek Gate Rd.
Conroe, TX 77385

Download Link(s)

Attach Files (15MB Max per track)

By submitting this form you are giving Mangled Music Radio permission to use this information, including the music we receive, for promotional purposes. This includes but is not limited to - published articles on our own website using embedded players, information, and images from your website(s), Facebook posts, and of course radio play!
You also agree to put our link on your website. Non-compliance will result in denial of air-play. Thank You!!!

I agree. ***


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  1. sis, she sent me links and tracks, from her to us,love ya DR.satan\m/

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